About Kishor Vidya Niketan

Kishor Vidya Niketan is a leading publishing house from India. Its founded by Pt. Nand Kishor Dwivedi in 1974. It is not a Publication firm only; it’s carrying the tradition of saving the Hindi, Bhojpuri and Sanskrit Literature. Our focus is both creative and progressive in the field of Indology, especially on Sanskrit, Philosophy & Tribal Studies. We feature distinguished authors and writing from across the globe. Our authors, editorial teams, and books, are well known at the both national and international levels. KVN also has India’s book distribution network, with a retail distribution spread of over 10 cities, presently we are working especially in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujrat, Rajasthan and Arunachal Pradesh.

We publish books for Sanskrit, Philosophy, Hindi Literature, Tribal Studies and History for the Academic People. Our experience over to 40 years brings us the Novel and responsible Publisher in the field of Indology. Kishor Vidya Niketan publishing Indological Research Journal by the Name of “Lalita Kavi-Bharati” (ISSN 0975-6256).

Dr. Santosh Dwivedi (Publication and Printing HEAD)

Mr. Ashutosh Dwivedi (Marketing HEAD)