Paper Submission

National Research Journal

Lalita-Kavi Bharati (ISSN 0975-6256)

Dear Sir/Madam,
It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that LALITA Kavi Bharti Research Journal (ISSN 0975-6256) has been publishing since 1998 on half-yearly basis. Our main aim to publish this journal is to increase the scholastic approach and presenting quality material through articles, studies, researches, and reviews etc before the learned intellectuals. With the same view, Other details of LALITA Kavi Bharti is given below-

LALITA Kavi Bharti

Language Sanskrit/Hindi/English
Paper format PDF or Hardcopy by Post
Last Date of the receipt of papers 25 May & 25 November


  • Articles must be typed on one side of the paper, double spaced, with a wide margin (Not acceding 750 words) on all four sides.
  • In the first instance, send either hard copy or soft copy of the article through an email attachment. The preferred format for email attachment will be PDF. The preferred word processing format is Microsoft Word/Page Maker. If the article is accepted for the publication then only contributors will be required to send publication charges @ 500/- article in the form of DD/Cheque (No CASH) in favour of Kishor Vidya Niketan, payable at Varanasi.
  • Within the text, adopt the author-date method of citation minus the comma. If more that one word of an author is cited, separate the years of publication with a comma (Dwivedi 2010, 2011). Separate the page numbers of citations by a colon (Dwivedi 2005: 107) and hyphenate the inclusive numbers (Dwivedi 2005: 136-38). When more than one author is cited, the entries should be chronological with works of different authors separated by a semicolon. For co-authored works, cite both names ( Santosh and Rajesh 2004; for works authored by three or more authors, use ‘el al.’ After the first name (Santosh et al. 2003). If a citation is repeated within a paragraph without intervening citations, use Ibid., instead the repeating the author's name again., and provide the relevant page number (s ) (Ibid.:207). If gazetteers, reports, and works of governmental organizations and other institutions are cited, mention the name of the organizational institution sponsoring the publication in the citation, fully spelt out at its first’ occurrence (Government of India (2001), and use its abbreviation, acronym in subsequent citations (GOI 2006 )
  • Give separately the bibliographic details of all works cited in the article under References in the following sequence: (a) Article: the name (s) of the author (s); the year of publication; title of the article (within single inverted commas); the name of the journal (italicized); and the volume number, the issue number, and the beginning and ending page numbers. (b) Chapter in an edited work or compilation; the name(s) of the author (s); the year of publication; the title of the chapter (within single inverted commas); the name (s) of the editor (s)! Compiler (s); the title of the book italicized; the beginning and ending page numbers of the chapter; place of publication; and the name of the publisher. ( C) Book: the name ( s) of the author (s); the year of publication; the title of the book (italicized); place of publication; and the name of the publisher. The listing in references must follow the alphabetical order of the last name of the (first) author.
  • Contributors are required to provide on a separate sheet their name, designation, address, contact number, and e-mail.
  • Only articles which have not been published earlier or which are not being considered for publication elsewhere will be entertained. A declaration to this effect must be attached with the article as covering letter.
Future Plan:
  • Any Advertisement will not ever be printed in the Journal.
  • Book-Reviews shall be welcomed free of cost.
  • To initiate International Scholarship for the Sanskrit & Philosophy Students ONLY.
  • To initiate organizing International Seminars on the topic related to Sanskrit Literature only.
    • We hope that you will get the benefit of these activities and will also be a part of linguistic and literature development. Thanks and regards